Rodney Jackson

Rodney Jackson is an Executive Consultant with the WGI team and brings over two decades of experience as an executive and executive coach. As a former Director of Human Resources, Rodney has mediated and coached leaders and individuals to resolve complex workplace issues. Rodney holds a master’s degree in Organizational Effectiveness and Executive Coaching from The Fielding Graduate University and is trained through The National Conflict Resolution Center.

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Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Organizations: Managing Workplace Conflict

By Rodney Jackson on Mar 29, 2021 4:48:54 PM

Here is the truth - wherever two or more are gathered, there will be conflict.

Workplace Conflict. It’s inevitable. In fact, research shows that on average 42% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with interpersonal conflict. If that manager is making $85,000 per year, your organization has lost $35,700 due to conflict, from that manager’s work alone. Conflict in the workplace can occur between two or more individuals, between departments, among leadership and even between your staff and between customers or vendors.

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