Managing 4 Difficult Workplace Behaviors

Sep 26, 2017 4:23:26 PM

Facing complaints of difficult workplace behaviors can be an uncomfortable, anxiety producing and daunting experience. Many HR professionals are charged with deciding if, when and how to intervene when workplace behaviors become problematic. Unfortunately, troubled, difficult, or disruptive behaviors don’t usually fade away on their own. In fact, left alone, they generally tend to get worse. We have even seen situations where aggressive and even dangerous behaviors are allowed to continue because the culture supports the behavior, or an organization’s leaders are unsure of the right course of action, or are afraid that any disciplinary action might actually escalate what appears to be a volatile situation.     

Following is a series of articles that will address Managing 4 Difficult Workplace Behaviors. Our framework is around four types of these behaviors: Annoying, Disruptive, Aggressive and Dangerous. Our goal in writing these blogs is to help HR Professionals in identifying and addressing such behaviors, and to provide practical suggestions for intervening in a safe and productive manner to prevent escalation– escalation that can and sometimes does occur when these behaviors are not addressed immediately.

Please note that the suggestions provided in this series are general in nature, and not intended to serve as or replace Human Resource, Threat Assessment and/or Legal consultations as indicated and necessary.

Up Next…

Our first blog will begin the series by discussing Annoying behaviors in the workplace. Annoying behaviors are just that – annoying, irritating and downright distracting. This first blog will discuss the best way to manage annoying workplace behaviors.


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