Workplace Violence Awareness Month?             Is that a thing??

Apr 2, 2018 10:45:03 AM

Did you know that April is designated as Workplace Violence Awareness Month? Or that this is the 6th year that there has been such an observance?

Don’t feel too bad if you were out of the loop on this news.

I suspect the only people who knew this are people like us – that is, people who obsess about workplace violence prevention, and have devoted their careers to helping leaders keep their workplaces safe.

More good news – because we obsess about this topic, you don’t need to! You can count on us to raise your awareness through solid content and helpful tips, and to keep you informed about industry news and best practices.

So, stay tuned for the month of April because we will be:

  • Posting new easy-to-read and useful blogs
  • Answering some wide-ranging questions about violence prevention, de-escalation skills, active shooter prevention and fitness for duty
  • Sharing some brief videos from our Executive Consultants

Special Offer: In observance of the 6th annual Workplace Violence Awareness Month, WGI is offering a 20% discount off any prevention training (Employee, Managers, Threat Assessment Team) **booked during the month of April (for delivery in May, June or July).

**Booked means contract signed, firm date set, deposit received


Wishing you a colorful and safe April!

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